Value Chicken Coop With 4' X 8' Chicken Run (ULTIMATE)

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  • 4’ X 8’ X 6’ Tall Chicken Run with Cover
  • XL Chicken Coop / Hen House
  • Assembly & Attachment Hardware
  • High Capacity Chicken Feeder Silo
  • High Capacity Chicken Waterer Silo
  • Full Corrugated Metal Roof
  • House measurements (30” L X 38” W X 24” T)


Chicken Coop Features

  • Plastic / Wood Composite
  • Door Size 16”W x 19.5”H
  • Extremely Durable
  • Will Last For Years
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Can be Easily Painted
  • Floor is elevated off Ground


Chicken Run Features

  • 4 ft. W x 8 ft. L x 6 ft. H, 32 sq. ft.
  • 1 in. raised legs make it easy for sanitary cleaning
  • Durable, lockable gate latch cannot be opened by predators
  • Classic powder-coated finish, no sharp edges
  • Chickens, ducks or other small animals
  • Well-suited for yards, patios and decks
  • Indoor or outdoor use


The Value Kennel Combo

Our inexpensive chicken coop and welded wire run with cover combination is a great way to save money and space. Chicken Coops can take up a lot of valuable room inside your chicken run, however, our Chicken Condos Value Combo is designed to maximize the your free range chicken space. We do this by placing the chicken coop outside of the chicken run giving you more additional valuable space in your backyard. This provides extra square footage inside the run for less money. Making this chicken coop condos, one of the most economical, cheaper high quality chicken coops on the market. This high value, low cost chicken coop condo has been designed for any budget. The best thing about this chicken coop combo is that it ships right to your door. It’s easy to assemble with no tools required. This area provides extra room for your chickens to roam and relax at a lower price than other competitors.

The Welded Wire chicken Run – Hen Run

The welded wire powder coated chicken run is welded at every point. The size is 4’ X 8’ and 6’ tall at the peak. The chicken run cover provides shade from the sun in the summer as well as shelter from the snow and rain in the winter. The trap top is held down by bungee fasteners keeping it tight for rain and snow to run off. Also making it harder for predators to get in. If you need more protection you can upgrade to a full metal top if you need to. Wire spacing is 2”x4” with a 3/32” welded wire thickness. It comes with a gate latch that can be used from both inside and outside of the chicken run.

The Value Chicken Coop

This chicken coop has an elevated floor keeping your chickens up off the ground, this also prevents water or snow from seeping in. Made from ecoFLEX™, a proprietary composite of recycled polymers and reclaimed poplar wood fibers. EcoFLEX based products outlast similar products by 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1. EcoFLEX products don’t warp or splinter and can be painted or stained. Now, they are covered by a 10 year warranty against both defect and deterioration. Easy 15 minute ­ no tool ­ assembly. AllProof™, resisting or barring anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Flat roof, side door lodge style is perfect for chickens that prefer to nest away from the door and/or like to sit on top of their house. Beige with green trim


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