Chicken Coop Ramp

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  • Pleated wood ramp for easy stepping
  • Place outside ofcoop leading to run or under coop leading to under-run, or both!
  • Just the right angle for chickens to climb
  • "Hook-On" connecting system
  • Treated MDF wood
  • Will be painted the same color as your coop
Our chicken coop ramps are perfect! Chickens seem to enjoy walking up and down this pleated, treated, MDF wood ramp. You can place this ramp coming directly off of your coop to allow your flock access to their run, or you can place it underneath the coop, leading to the small under-run that is built into our Barn and Urban style chicken coops. Get your chickens moving and place them at both locations, if you'd like! This useful ramp is designed to rest at the perfect angle for chickens to step up or down with ease. Our ramp will also be painted the same color as your chicken coop (if you order one along with this ramp, that is), so not only is this ramp functional, but beautiful too! Our ramps utilize a simple "hook-on" system, making it super easy to attach or remove the ramp as needed. This product ships for free with coop or run purchase.



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