Solar Powered Chicken Coop Cooler

In stock


  • Size 9.5” * 6.5”
  • Weight 3.5lbs
  • Solar panel that attaches to top of dog house.
  • Can be used on any other dog house with a flat mounting surface.
  • Keeps dog cool with an indirect breeze
  • Exhaust vents provide passive exhaust
  • Solar Powered Fan replaces entire house air up to 5 times per minute
  • Vents close with the twist of a knob for winter protection
  • Safe low voltage fan and panel
  • Long lasting whisper quiet ball bearing fan
  • 8ft cord included when dog house is not in the sun

This is a solar powered exhaust fan, so there is no need to plug into an electrical outlet or have expensive electrical work done where there is no current electricity. Having a breeze to remove warmer air from the dog house and replace it with cooler outside air is a great way to keep your pet as cool as possible on warm summer days, which this fan will remove the house air up to five times per minute. It is easy to install - attach the exhaust fan to the/an opening on the dog house and locate the solar panel either on top of the house or up to 8' away where it can receive direct sunlight. Each is attached with four screws


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