Rustic Top Walk In Chicken Coop

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The Round-Top Walk In Chicken Coop was originally an answer to one particular great customer who lived up north tending to his flock in the snowy cold winters.  What we built has been copied but not equaled and has exceeded everyone's imagination on how popular they've become. Designed to hold 20 hens, plenty of room for more if you turn out, and hold copious amounts of water and feed. Nothing looks more rich than a Walk-In Coop and nothing compares to the convenience of so much room.

  • Up to 20 chickens in standard form and an optional sun-room for even more space.
  • Excellent cold or hot climate performance.
  • External access to water, feed and egg collections.
  • Full standing height headroom and easy access wide-door.
  • Roost bar space for up to 30 hens if a customer were to provide free range time
  • Super large egg boxes that could be collected from inside or out and offered easy access large cleanout doors.
  • Elegant style and obvious attention to craftsmanship.
  • High predator resistance
  • 10+ year service life performance via cedar and heavy duty galvanized hardware.
  • 8-12 Hour assembly by 2 people and with only a cordless drill and a hammer.
  • Built-in storm protection for roost area and optional snow protection with storm panels for the entire coop.
  • Made in USA and as many materials as possible sourced in N. America.
  • No-Poop 4+ day supply optional Waterer that can be freeze protected.
  • No-Poop 4+ day supply optional feeder.

It’s pretty much over the top! The Round-Top Walk-In Chicken Coop is featured in upscale homes all over the country. It will look great in any setting and spoil you and your chickens with more room, more features and awesome attention to detail. Add the sunroom and add even more space, taking the run to over 100ft². Four giant egg boxes can be accessed from either inside or outside the coop and flip up from the inside for easy cleaning.\

  • Handcrafted from 100% North American Appearance Grade Western Red Cedar. Will last many years with or without painting.
  • Pre-drilled holes, can be assembled in about 8-12 hours by two people with only a cordless drill and a measuring tape. Screw bits and everything else you need is in the box.
  • Shipped in individual palletized boxes via freight so you can easily stage at your building site.
  • Provides two 8 foot long roost bars for sleepy hard working hens. Your girls deserve a roost like they get in nature.
  • The walk-in design is ergonomically friendly. Requires little or no stooping or bending over to manage your hens and you can get inside out of the weather too.
  • Updraft ventilated roost. Assures the respiratory health and safety of your hens in hot or cold climates. No stinky poop trays. Poop composts on the ground and can be easily raked up.
  • Optional integrated Easy Fill Feeder Quad and huge Easy Fill Watering system available. Feed and water your flock standing up outside the coop! No cleaning of stinky waterers or messy feeders, doesn’t take up valuable run space.
  • Keep up to 20 hens full-time in this coop in its standard configuration, up to 25 with optional Sunroom run extension.
  • Built with all galvanized metal hardware and all weather advanced joinery methods. Rugged long lasting tangible quality.
  • Made with heavy duty 16-gauge galvanized predator proof welded wire. No chicken wire, no hardware cloth. As safe of a coop there is.
Dimensions: Run Area: 110″W x 100″L x 90″H
Roost Area: 32″W x 100″L x 68″H
Sun Room adds 58″ Making it 168″ W
Overall Height 90″
Weight: Fully Assembled ~700 + lbs. (weights given are for fully dry wood)
Chicken Capacity: Averaged sized hens…
Up to 20 ( sun room would allow for more if you wanted)
Shipping: DIY/Contractor Kits Delivered Door-to-Door
11 Boxes: 58x26x8 approx. 70 lbs max each (2 more if optional sun room too)
1 Box: 108x27x1 approx. 45 lbs (single length roof metal)

You won't find this value anywhere else in the market!
The Walk-In Coop is the perfect trifecta of solid cedar construction, ergonomically mindful design for both the hens and the humans caring for them, along with an aesthetically pleasing look. This is the fourth coop along with two run extensions that I have purchased from Urban Coop Company. Each transaction has been backed with email and direct communication / customer support in a very timely manner. This company stands behind their products! Great people providing a great product.

Eric R. - Lexington, Kentucky


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