How Do I Compost Chicken Manure?

Another Great benefit of owning your own chickens are their valuable manure compost they provide for your garden. Although chicken manure is referred to as “hot” because of its high nitrogen content and should not be used until it has time to break down or it can burn your plants....

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 How Do I Butcher A Chicken For Eating?  

This tutorial is intended to show how I process a chicken. The reason I do this is not for fun or entertainment. I take this very seriously and I do it despite the fact that I care for my animals and dislike killing them.  I choose to process my own chickens so my family has access to clean meat that was raised and slaughtered as humanely as....

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 How Do I Raise Chickens For Meat?  

If you're interested in raising chickens for meat, not eggs, you'll need to do things a little bit differently. There are some additional steps to consider as well -- for one, slaughtering, processing or butchering the birds when they are fully grown to market size. Chickens raised for meat are commonly called "meat birds" and are usually a different breed....

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How Do I Start Baby Chicks?  

The first important aspect in a chickens like is when it hatches. Hatching, is a great obstacle a developing chick faces to come into the world. It is a very tiresome and exhausting process. The chicks first pips a hole in the large end of the egg, then continues cracking it as they turn themselves around inside the egg....

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 Pros & Cons Of Roosters?    

As far as fertilization goes, a rooster is necessary only if you want to hatch chicks or you want fertile eggs for the kitchen. Hens will lay nutritious eggs without having a rooster around. A virile rooster will mate frequently with most or all the hens in his harem. If there aren’t enough girls to divide his time among, he may wear them out....

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 What Are Show Chickens?    

The onset of autumn and beginning of winter may seem an unusual time for showing livestock, especially as all the agricultural shows have long since packed up their marquees, but it's prime time when it comes to poultry. If you consider the behaviour and life cycle of domestic poultry you can see the logic. In most cases, breeding groups are put together at the beginning....

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 Why Raise Chickens?    

When deciding on a family pet chickens may not come up as the normal first thing, however we are here to tell you all the reasons chickens make excellent pets. Chickens are social creatures, they don’t mind being around humans and they like living with other chickens. Chickens also come with a variety of personalities so they are very entertaining to be around

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