Plastic Chicken Nesting Pad

In stock


  • Easy to clean
  • All plastic construction
  • No more fillings nests with shavings
  • Droppings go through nest pad
  • Reduces bacteria
  • Great alternative to hay and bedding
  • Dimensions: 11" x 11 ½"
These help eliminate extra waste such as pine shavings, sand or any other nesting material that you have to replace all the time and can also be kicked around the coop making a mess. These laying nest Pads are designed with a slotted base to allow for air circulation, but also to allow droppings to go through the nest pad. The Plastic Nesting Pads are odor and bacteria resistant creating a cleaner environment for your flock. You will save a lot of time and labor using plastic nest bottoms. There will be no more filling nests with shavings and other nest materials when used with roll-out nest bottoms. The droppings fall through the nest. Washing and disinfecting pads is made easy because these are all plastic, and water can go through the pad, giving you a far more sanitary operation. The nesting pads are designed to be artificial bedding for your nesting boxes, and resist mites far better than hay or bedding. This product ships for free with coop or run purchase.

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