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  • Protects against most nocturnal predators
  • Solar powered / Magnetic back
  • Red flashing LED light
  • Magnetic back
  • Completely sealed, protecting against moisture and are high/low temperature resistant
  • Automatically turns on at dusk/off in daylight
  • Dimensions: 3 ¾" L x 1 ¾" W x 1" H
The concept is simple, but it WORKS! Predators believe the flash to be the eye of another animal and feel threatened, so they stay away. Red flashing LED lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at full daylight. Protects against owls, coyotes, possums, raccoons, foxes, bobcats, muskrats, cougars, minks, weasels and many more nocturnal animals. It is often recommended that 4 units are used and deployed in a 360 Degree format to keep approaching Predators at bay from each direction. Units are completely maintenance free and operate automatically. There are no batteries to install or change because it is solar powdered. They are sealed, protecting against moisture and are high/low temperature resistant. Each one has a built in magnet to attach on the run itself and has holes for a self tapper screw if you would like it more secure. This product ships for free with coop or run purchase.

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