What Are Some Basic Chicken Coop Tips?

We have been building coops for years and after several generations and changes we have finally come up with a design that will make maintaining your chickens easier as well as creating a healthy environment for them. Through experience we have created a list to inform you of what to look for in a chicken coop....

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How Do I Introduce Chickens Into New Coop?

Keep them in the new coop for about 3 days and/or up to 3 weeks. Give it at least 3 days before you introduce them to their run. Eventually they will start to venture in the new coop. Chickens, like many other pet-type animals, can remember the location of their food ....

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 How Do Chicken Handle Cold Weather?

Most of the usual chicken breeds do pretty well in the cold weather (below freezing, even), but expect egg production to dramatically decrease or stop while it is cold and dark. As long as the fowls are protected from excessive wind and exposure, they'll be OK (for instance, don't leave lots of open wire mesh windows in the coop....

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How Do Chickens Sleep?

Chickens don’t sleep in a bed, on the ground or even in their nesting boxes. Where do chickens sleep? They prefer to perform a balancing act all night long on a stick elevated above the ground. This stick is otherwise known as a roost....

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