What Do I Feed My Chickens To Keep Them Healthy?

Feeding your chickens a complete and balanced diet is essential if they are to stay healthy and lay lots of lovely eggs! Chickens will eat almost anything so to prevent deficiencies and health problems, a wide range of foods should be offered. A good quality poultry pellet should be the mainstay of their diet. If the poultry pellet is provided in a commercial dispenser this tends....

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 What Are The Best Treats For My Chickens?

If you’re reading this, chances are you have chickens that you consider pets and it’s no secret that we all enjoy spoiling our pets. We get a kick out of seeing them run to greet us at the mere sight of the treat container or the sound of the back door opening. It makes us feel good to see them happy and we are entertained by their antics when they compete....

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What Are Oyster Shells?

In order to form strong egg shells, chickens require a certain amount of calcium in their diet. Most of an egg shell is made up of calcium. These days, with the research that has been done for formulated feeds (available as layers mash or pellets), it isn’t so critical to provide oyster shell grit because layers feeds contain sufficient calcium, however, it’....

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What Is Chicken Grit?

Chickens don’t have teeth, apparently, so to grind down their food, they use a strong muscular organ called a gizzard. Chickens pick up grit whilst foraging, which is kept for a while in the gizzard to perform this grinding process. If your chickens are kept truly free range then they will find enough of this on their own but these....

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How Do I Keep My Chickens Watered?

I had been making my own poultry nipple waterers (PNW) for my quail recently when a new product came to my attention, The Chicken Fountai. I read about The Chicken Fountain, but still could not understand what was better about it than the PNWs I had been making. That is, until the inventor....

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 How Do I Keep Rats Out Of The Chicken Feed?

The ‘Rodent Resistant Chicken Feeder’ is designed so that only your birds can access the food, keeping rats and mice out. The feed door opens when a chicken steps on the wood pedal, and the door closes when it steps off. Rats and mice do not weigh enough to allow the feeder to open. Not only does this keep pests....

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