D-20 Automatic Chicken Coop Door Motor

In stock


  • Includes motor only
  • Motor stops door at positions you set. No counter-weight needed
  • Motor can lift/lower a door up to 5 lbs., door opening up to 25"
  • Plug-in ready to your lamp timer switch, X-10 control, or battery
  • Opens and Closes a Chicken Coop Door on a Time Schedule
Our D20 Chicken Coop Motor allows your chicken coop door (or our Vertical Sliding Door) to open and close on a time schedule that you can set using any standard lamp timer or X10 controller. Simply plug the Chicken Coop Motor into your controller switch and it protects your hens and eggs, and saves you valuable time every day. If you ever arrive home late, or if the weather is so poor that you cannot tend your coop on-time; relax, because chickens will enter the coop about the same time every day, and the D20 automatically closes the door at the time you set on your timer. You can also set multiple door openings and closings each day. This can benefit you in several ways: It enhances egg production by exposing hens to longer periods of daylight by preventing them from re-entering the coop too soon. It can foil small predators such as mice and snakes that sneak in to steal eggs after your hens are out. And, it can manage heat inside the coop. Raccoons, foxes, dogs, cats, coyotes, etc. eventually give up and go elsewhere. Add this motor to your chicken coop door and it will automatically open and close the door on a time schedule you choose. Protect your chickens and eggs, and save valuable time every day! This product ships for free with coop or run purchase.

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