How Do I Clip Chicken Wings?

May I first suggest that you clip only if it is necessary, because this will make themselves vulnerable to predators. Wing clipping, the most common method of controlling the flight of backyard chickens, involves using sharp shears to cut off the first ten flight feathers of one wing....

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 How Do I Give A Chicken A Bath?

One of my favorite things about my chickens is their fluffy butts!  My husband always chuckles when I say this, but I truly do love to watch as their heads are down on the ground discovering tasty treasures while their tail and fluffy butts reach for the sky.  Sometimes, though, not all fluffy butts are beautiful.  Sometimes, certain hens have more difficulty, for whateve....

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How Do I Treat Chicken Mites?

Chicken Mites, also known as Dermanyssus gallinae is an ectoparasite of poultry and other bird species. These tiny, eight-legged insects can live both on the chicken and in the coop. Mites can be grey, dark or reddish in color and can often be seen along feather shafts and underneath roosts after dark. Mites are most active at night when thy venture out to leech blood from chickens. They are partial to cracks....

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What Do I Do If An Eggs Binds Up In Chicken?

When raising chickens, you hope to never encounter egg binding in your flock. Luckily, the causes of egg binding (genetics, poor feed, heavy worm infestations) are uncommon in a backyard coop, although older hens are more susceptible. a hen is handled roughly just before she lays an egg, the egg may break inside her. So be sure to handle hens carefully, especially early in the day....

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What Is The Chicken Moulting Process??

“Why are my chickens balding??” “Why are my chickens NOT laying eggs?” These concerns start to grow around the fall season to many chicken owners. But don’t worry too much; this is a normal process chickens go though…

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