Chicken Fun Toy

In stock


  • Feed releases as chicken pecks at the ball
  • Great way to keep pecking chickens occupied
  • You can put feed, seeds, fruits, greens and more into this ball
  • Excellent for mental stimulation of your chickens
  • Durable construction
  • Dimensions: 3" X 3" X 3" diameter

If your chickens are cooped up, acting out, or pecking at one another, this fun toy for your backyard birds will help keep them occupied and mentally stimulated. This isn't just any old ball, though, you are able to scoop treats, feed or seed, fruits, greens--whatever you'd like, into this ball, then when your chickens peck at it, the treats or feed will be released to them, which will help to keep them from pecking at their fellow birds. This product ships for free with coop or run purchase. 


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