What Can I Do To Help My Chickens Lay Eggs?

Maybe this information can help you to make adjustments that will encourage them to lay. First and most obviously, some hens are better producers than others. Assuming that you've already done your research to figure out which hen best fits your expectations for egg laying, we can instead move on to some other factors that you will want to keep in mind.  Note, these aren't all inclusive....

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How Do I Clean Chicken Eggs?

When you think of raising chickens one of the first things that comes to mind is, you got it eggs! We are here to provide you with valuable information when it comes to eggs. When it comes to eating eggs, how to clean them when they come out of the coop is a big deal. Your first thought may be to plunge the eggs in ice water, but restrain yourself because cold water causes the pores in an eggshell to pull bacteria from.....

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How Do I Increase My Chickens Egg Production?

If you start to raise chickens to be more self-sufficient, you want them to be as productive as possible. But what if they aren’t laying as many eggs as you’d hoped? The most common reasons that chickens aren’t laying eggs is because they are too young, too old, the hours of daylight are too short, it is molting or the feeding is not of sufficient nutritional value. You might not be able to affect those first points, but you can....

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 Understanding Egg Types?

Have you ever wondered how a hen can lay an egg every day? Why some eggs are brown and some eggs are white? How many days an egg takes to hatch? Here are the answers to those questions and many more....

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