What Is Normal Chicken Behavior?

Preparing to keep a small flock doesn't have to take much time or money. Almost every farm and rural home has a place that can be fixed up to keep 25 to 100 chickens. Building a separate brooder house is rarely necessary. Anyone who can use a hammer and.....

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 How Do I Deal With Broody Hens?

A broody hen is one who thinks that she is incubating eggs to hatch. Incubation is three weeks and abroodyhen might stayin a box for that entire time,or longer. Broody hens can be a unto themselves,and theycan go broody with or without eggs to sit on....

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 How Do I Introduce A New Chicken To The Flock?

Whether you are just starting a chicken flock or are a seasoned owner of many chickens, you need to know how to add new chickens to a flock. You want to avoid introducing disease and parasites into the flock. Established hens and roosters....

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 How To Stop Chicken From Pecking Each Other? 

Give them something to do. The biggest reason chickens peck at each other is out of boredom. The best thing for this is to provide lots of food, space and stuff to do. Try placing sunflower seeds leavesgrass clippingand other greens, in the pen so they have something to do to keep....

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How To Stop Your Chickens From Eating Thier Eggs?

  Egg eating is a nasty habit sometimes found in young pullets, and even older hens. Although many people may say egg eating is impossible to break, and to just cull the hen, in many cases this is not true. Egg eating often starts when....

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What Is The Chicken Pecking Order?
The chicken is a social bird that enjoys the company of its flock. Many social animals work out a hierarchy, and the chicken is no exception. The hierarchy created is a means of attaining and keepingorder. When referring to this ordered social structure in chickens, and sometimes

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