Portable Wood Roosting Bars

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  • 3 roosting bars
  • Roosting bars are 2" X 2" X 32"
  • No hardware needed
  • Not permanently attached
  • Place in run, coop, or yard!
  • Features beveled edges for chicken comfort
  • Size: 30" X 32"
Hens love roosting bars! Chicken Condos is happy to provide a portable set of three roosting bars which are 32" long each, and measure 2" X 2" in diameter. The portability allows you place the roosting bars wherever you'd like, such as in the run, coop, or in your yard. Our roosting bars are made of all-natural wood. One of the best features of our roosting bars are the beveled edges, which ensure that your chickens are as comfortable as can be. This product ships for free with coop or run purchase.

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