Why chickens?

When deciding on a family pet chickens may not come up as the normal first thing, however we are here to tell you all the reasons chickens make excellent pets.

Chickens are social creatures, they don’t mind being around humans and they like living with other chickens. Chickens also come with a variety of personalities so they are very entertaining to be around.

Chickens are also very low maintenance. Pretty much as long as they have food and water and a protective coop or enclosure they are good to go.  Chickens can be very useful with the fact that they’ll eat the bugs out of your garden as well as grass clippings, or any table scraps you might have. And speaking of food comparatively with other animals chicken feed is very inexpensive.

Chickens also provide great compost because their manure contains more nitrogen than almost any other type which aids in strong leaf and stem growth. Chicken manure is very easy to turn to compost with the chicken manure compost tumbler we offer.

And of course there is the most obvious reason chickens make great pets, their eggs! Having chickens will provide you with plenty of delicious eggs that most kids love to go out and collect. With these pets around you’ll never hear, “mom what’s for breakfast there is nothing to eat”!!



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