8' X 3½' Spring Fling Mobile Chicken Run

In stock


  • Holds up to 9 chickens
  • Built-In 3-Hole Wood Nesting Box
  • 10 gauge welded wire construction
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Built-In wheels for easy mobility
  • Built-In welded wire top for predator protection
  • Best used as a part-time, daytime run
  • Wire openings: 2" X 2"
  • Weight: 145 lbs."
  • Dimensions: 8' (L) X 3 ½' (W) X 3 ½' (H)


The Spring Fling Welded Wire Mobile Chicken Run is a great economy run for those who don't need a full-time chicken run. The Spring Fling is lightweight, mobile, and ideal for letting your flock run around in safety during the daytime. This pen features three built-in wooden nesting boxes with easy rear access for eggs and the like. The built-in welded wire top will keep your flock protected from airborne predators. The Spring Fling will hold up to nine birds and is very quick and easy to put together. This run is intended to work as a daytime chicken run only, and does not include a proper coop -- so for the safety of your flock; you will only want to house them in this run during daylight hours when one can keep an eye on them.

The human entrance to this run measures 32" (W) X 42" (H) and features a trigger-latch gate for easy access to feed and water your flock. PLEASE NOTE: FREE SHIPPING ON ACCESSORIES DOES NOT APPLY WITH THE PURCHASE OF THIS COOP.


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